YOU  Would go To Jail for This…

But the 1% Elite Wall Street “Club” (with BLESSINGS from our Government) Uses These Insider Tactics to Control and Make Trillions.  Discover How They Operate and You Won’t Be Their Victim Anymore.  In Fact, You’ll Profit from Them.


Dear Friend,


If you truly want to understand how Wall Street operates, you must first see it from the inside. However, seeing something doesn’t always mean you understand it.  In fact, most of what you see or hear about investing is often confusing.   To some, it seems like a foreign language.
But, here’s a secret.  “It’s supposed to be confusing.”
You see, by confusing you with industry jargon, the Wall Street GURUS gain a superior advantage. Then they’ll use illegal tactics to misdirect, intimidate, and rip you off.
The worst part is they get away with it.
How can that happen?
The truth is our so called “leaders” in Washington have become experts at looking the other way…and they’re handsomely rewarded for it. (Note:  in addition to politicians, the Fake Stream Media outlets are also bought-and-paid-for by the boys in the “Club.”)
Seriously, if you tried to run a business like these modern day banksters, you’d end up in jail.
So, how do you compete in a system that’s rigged against you?
That’s where we come in.


We Finally Got Fed Up and Decided to do Something About It


First, some background.
We’re a group of former (and current) Wall Street investment advisors with over 107 years of combined experience.  Our collective battle scars come from years of seeing our clients get taken advantage of by the institutional players.  Behind the scenes they do the dirty work and we (on the front line) take all the heat.
We know how unfair the financial world is.
And quite frankly, we’re fed up.
That’s why we created a monthly newsletter specifically to help you, the individual investor, navigate the mine fields of investing.
Just look at what you’ll receive every month:
     1)   We Give you, an “insider’s” look at how the corrupt system works. Ex: How firms work together to trick you into buying  what they want to unload.
     2)   We Teach you how to instantly tell if your advisor is lying to you.
     3)   We Show you how to connect the dots of events that impact how markets move…so you can see the trend ahead of the crowd.
     4)  And We Explain it in a way that’s easy to understand.

We call it:

   Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.

DISCLAIMER:  If you’re looking to get rich quick, or expecting fancy charts and graphs, then stop reading now.


 If You Question the Integrity of Wall Street, You’ve Come to the Right Place


To get the most out of this newsletter you must understand and accept several ideas:
        1)  Most of the major banks are crooked…and they’ve been in cahoots with DC for over 100 years.
        2)  Most investors are not prepared for what’s about to happen over the next few years.
        3)  The Fake Main Stream Financial Media is your worst enemy.


Trust me when I say there’s a lot at stake here.
We’re painfully aware of what’s eventually going to happen in the markets.  And in the next several years we’ll witness two things.
         1)  The privileged 1% will gain more control and power.
         2)  The other 99% are going to get screwed.
How do we know this?
History is loaded with examples.  Unfortunately, most investors don’t study history nor do they understand market cycles.
Do you remember the housing crash that started in 2007-2008?  Everyone screamed “Who could have foreseen that happening?” when it was a normal completion of a cycle.  Or, the crash of 1987 where everything was blamed on “computer failures” but the cause was based on currency devaluations.
And that’s another reason why we created this newsletter.
As a premium subscriber, we give you an in-depth look at how market cycles work.  And our real-life experiences not only show you creative ways to profit in a corrupt system, they’ll also keep you from making costly mistakes.
But there’s much more to our content than exposing a corrupt system and learning how to profit from it.


Give a Man a Fish, You Feed Him for a Day…(and We’ll Show You the Best Fishing Spots)


The old saying actually reads: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life. “
In addition to exposing the truth about Wall Street, we believe it’s our responsibility to teach you how to fish wisely in the vast ocean of the financial world.
(I use the term “wisely” because despite all the corruption, there’s always tremendous opportunities to increase your wealth.  You just need to know where to find them.)
And for less than 30 cents a day, it’s a steal.  (see below)
So, get exclusive access today and you’ll know what we mean when we say:   “It’s time to rethink everything you know (or think you know) about Wall Street.”
James Vincent
World Leader In Simplifying Wall Street


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