“James, I LOVE your report. Your daily insights are informative, provocative, and fascinating.  They also reinforce what I’ve always Suspected about Wall Street.”

Jerry Rogers---Youngstown, Ohio

“I laughed out loud when I read the part about ‘cousin Eddie.’ 

It’s soooo true and everyone has a cousin Eddie.”

Bronson Lopez---Irvine, California

“I wish I’d read this report years ago. It would have saved me tens of thousands.”

Douw Smit---Capetown, South Africa

I must admit I’m guilty of making most of the mistakes you listed (and more).  And after reading your report I realized how easy it is to fall for the Wall Street tricks.  The good news is this report has given me confidence to invest more wisely. Many thanks.  And, by the way, I HATE cousin Eddie.

Suzanne Yepes---Delray Beach, Fl

At last, someone who makes things easy to understand.  I always felt dumb when I read financial articles because I didn’t understand what they were saying.  Your report and daily emails have changed all that.  Now I look at Wall Street with (as you say) a new set of eyes.  I look forward to reading your emails every day.

Arlene Baird--Brookville, Ohio